VOW Collection by Varuna D Jani

design special jewel trendzRenowned jewellery designer Varuna D Jani believes that invention is innovation and a piece of jewellery should be as versatile as its wearer. She understands the need for personalized jewellery, giving consumers the opportunity to “build up” a jewellery piece themselves – to their Very Own Wish- VOW. Each VOW ornament comes with a base and multiple enhancers. Each multifunctional enhancer brings out a new facet of today’s woman; varying combinations construct a new piece and add that perfect touch of glamour to every outfit.  One can choose from a series of element which fit perfectly together and can be combined to create the desired piece of jewellery.

VOW collection of keeps in mind the dynamic nature of the jewellery industry and increasing customer expectations. Women today want to achieve maximum value of jewellery through multiple usage of a piece and wish to invest in what they will treasure all their lives. Inspired by the global woman, the collection is contemporary in style yet can be kept for posterity. Each handcrafted piece in the Varuna D Jani VOW collection is designed to be multi-occasional and is made to compliment the other. The result is a unique combination of accessible luxury: easy to wear superlative jewellery with a high style quotient.

  1. Elegance is seamless
  2. Made to compliment your beauty
  3. Floral Inspiration
  4. Make a suave stroke of style with diamond and emerald encrusted earrings by Varuna D Jani
  5. Embellished with royal emeralds, adorn this special pair of earrings to become the trend-setter of the day
  6. Let your bridal jewels be inspired by your true virtues, love and beauty.
  7. Beauty is the promise of happiness..look like a Princess, on your wedding day, wearing Varuna D Jani Jewellery
  8. VOW – Where jewellery is worn for indulgence & a lifelong investment.
  9. A piece accompanied by a hint of simplicity.

Wonders revealed. A modern yet classic bangle.