The Hearty Ensemble

This Valentine’s, extol the timeless eternal bond of love by gifting her a Tanya Rastogi jewel from the house of Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers that is as perpetual as your love for her as nothing beats the chic tone of Tanya Rastogi’s heart-bound jewels. Each unique heart shaped piece of the array is fastidiously designed in an amalgamation of 18K-22K gold; yellow, rose and white, fused and embedded intricately with round fine-cut diamonds, champagne diamonds, polki, and beautiful yellow, red and green enameling. The entire collection is light in weight which is aesthetically designed for special occasions and is considered the perfect gift for your loved one which she can wear everyday for the rest of her life as a reminder of your love.

Jewellery connoisseur Tanya Rastogi who is known for her timeless eternal creations launches this fresh line of heart shaped sparkling diamond pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets that as a tribute to the unfading bond of love. This significant range of hypnotic jewels is a class above the rest with yellow, rose and white gold amongst heart shape designs. Each piece has a saga to narrate and is inspired from elements of love. The range is a true masterpiece by Tanya Rastogi that radiatesvivacity with eachrarejewel and carving is embedded with precision and intricacy.

It is every woman’s desire to create an assertion of her own that is ensured through this ensemble. The idiosyncratic jewels embedded are an intricate statement of Royalty and Love. This phenomenal range of vintage earrings is one of Tanya Rastogi’s many strokes of genius.