Swarovski launches Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones innovations & inspirations

Swarovski’s distinguished history of innovation and precision cutting of jewelry stones, dating back to the company’s foundation in 1895, has been extended far beyond the company’s original crystal business. Starting in 1965, Swarovski has offered a unique and balanced selection of genuine gemstones and created stones made from the purest raw materials and crafted to satisfy the strictest standards for color, quality, size and shape. Bearing all the Swarovski hallmarks of perfection, brilliance and ingenuity, Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones invite designers of fine and bridge jewellery and watches to unleash their creativity and capture their visions in beautiful gems. 

Each year, Swarovski launches a collection of new genuine gemstone and created stone cuts and colors to stimulate creativity and push boundaries in jewelry and watch design. The company is delighted to unveil its latest product launches to the Indian market at the India International Jewellery Show 2014. South Asia’s leading jewelry fair provides Swarovski with the perfect platform to promote its new developments right in the very heart of the industry. The novelties presented at IIJS 2014 all reflect the very essence of the company’s quest for creative perfection.


facets88Continuing its dedication to advancing the range of zirconia products with stunning new varieties, Swarovski launches the 88 Facets cut. Eight being a symbol for infinity, the cut’s auspicious name speaks of good fortune and happiness. Just like the number eight’s perfectly proportioned shape, the well-crafted, symmetrical facets of the innovative cut show balance and confidence. These wonderfully positive qualities make the new cut, which is available in pure white, ideally suited for bridal jewelry. Every single 88 Facets stone features a microscopic “Swarovski Zirconia” laser engraving that speaks of Swarovski quality and authenticity.



kashmirblueSwarovski Genuine Topaz is available in a wide range of extraordinary, bright colors. Ready to join these shades is the exciting new addition, Kashmir, which is presented at IIJS 2014. Same as the other topaz colors, the rich blue is created with TCF™ (Thermal Color Fusion), a unique surface enhancement process that is patented in both Austria and the United States. It brings out brilliant colors in the naturally white genuine material without irradiation and is safe for both the consumer and the environment.



alpiniteAs a proof of the company’s belief in developing top quality products and remarkable innovation, Swarovski has succeeded in offering an affordable imitation of emerald and blue sapphire. The new castable addition to Swarovski’s synthetic stones portfolio is cut for utmost brilliance, perfectly calibrated and uniform in color. Available in Emerald Green, Sapphire Blue and Black, Alpinite Castable captivates the beholder. This can be experienced at the Swarovski booth – 1H041, 1H043, 1H045, 1H047,1G042, 1G044, 1G046, 1G048 – at the India International Jewellery Show 2014.