Jewellery for your personality & taste – Shenaz Amarnani

Shehnaz Amarnani

Shenaz Amarnani

Shenaz Amarnani – a designer who earns her name for creating jewellery as per individual’s personality and taste, has been recognized worldwide after presenting her masterpieces at different gems and jewellery show across the globe. In a tete-a-tete with Shenaz Amarnani, she tells Rika Aash Pathak about her never-ending love for gemstones and diamonds that has inspired her to be a designer.

Mirella pioneered by ace designer Shenaz Amarnani designs jewellery is a one-stop destination for one-n-all. Her love for colourful gemstones and diamonds drew her to take up designing jewellery in 2007. It’s her passion for designing jewellery that has made Amarnani one of the best contemporary jewellery designers in the country.

Her eye for detail towards latest trends and designs in the market has helped her create creations that have been adorned by the clients of all generations. She shares, “At present, gold market is very expensive, hence very few people are interested in gold. However, amidst of market condition the demand for light weight jewellery has grown in the market. Taking an account of this, Mirella’s unique selling proposition at present is light weight jewellery. And it keeps changing with the trends in the market.”

Matching with the increasing demand for wedding jewellery in the market, Amarnani created designs for this season as well. She shares, “Bangles below the normal range, high-end diamond jewellery, balis, tanzanite collection, etc has been in great demand for marriage.” Her passion for designs and jewellery allows Amarnani to innovate designs inspired by traditional sentiments of the people.

Mirella which means ‘admire’ in Italian, offers a range of elegant, sophisticated and radiant jewellery created from heart and are unique in their own way. “18K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold are the base for all pieces which range in style from Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Indian Traditional to organic inspired Floral, Leaves and Ferns and a fusion of traditional meeting contemporary,” says Amarnani.

In past 3 years, the popularity of this unique designer has grown by leaps and bounds. Participating consecutively at the prestigious Signature and acquiring clientele within India and abroad has helped Mirella create a niche for itself in the gems and jewellery industry. The designer says, “My creations have been well appreciated by the customers across India and abroad. I design as per individual’s taste and preferences and designs inspired by nature.”
With a team of in house artists, designers and craftsmen, the best quality gems are transformed into exceptional designs. Diamonds of various cuts are selected by the designer and teamed with precious stones like rubies, blue sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite and so on. “Emerald cut products, tanzanite jewellery, floral designs, gold filigree and diamonds were used extensively in my collections exhibited at Signature in last few years. Artisans at Mirella are well-trained, some of them are taught from Singapore to deliver certain designs carefully.”

The vibrant colours shimmer and showcase the mastery of craftsmanship in every design. Mirella’s tailor-made jewellery can be designed to highlight life’s milestones or even to brighten life’s every moment. Amarnani creations are being sent to some of renowned jewellers in Nashik, Pune and Delhi. She adds, “Apart from regular clientele within India, my products are also sent to Hong Kong. With continuous efforts, Mirella is trying to capture different markets within the country and abroad.”