Platinum Guild International launches Platinum in Bridal with EVARA – Platinum Blessings

Platinum Guild International (PGI) on November 7 announced the entry of platinum into the bridal jewellery segment in India with the grand launch of EVARA Platinum Blessings. 400+ people of the jewellery industry from across India were present at a mega event held at the Taj Lands End in Mumbai, where the brand was revealed and the exquisite range of jewellery unveiled and was followed by a buyer-seller meet the next day.

Built on platinum heritage and infused with cultural relevance integral to Indian weddings, Platinum Evara taps into the massive growth potential of the bridal jewellery market. Platinum Evara will offer an opportunity for dual gifting for the modern bride and the groom from the parents, in-laws or from the elders in the family, who wish to bless the couple.

85 per cent of platinum consumers are in the age group of 15 – 30 and today this young lot are increasingly playing a larger role in the purchase of bridal jewellery. Consumer research has shown that platinum can play a distinctive role in the bridal space as a ‘gift of love’ from parents to their daughter and son-in-law as a symbol of equivalence in their relationship and as a blessing of everlasting love. Love is at the heart of every Platinum Evara designas each piece has a‘Platinum Bond’that holds multiple strands of platinum together, symbolic of a coming together to create a beautiful new relationship.

At the launch, James Courage, CEO, Platinum Guild International said, “Since our first launch in India in 2001, the domestic platinum market has evolved and achieved significant momentum, with the support from our partners being crucial to drive category growth. We haveaccomplisheda breakthrough by offering something unique and meaningful in the space of jewellery that has high emotional appeal and holds high aspiration for the young. The very positive market trend is an indication that it is now time to step forward and embark on a new journey to create and build another platinum milestone with EVARA Platinum Blessings.”

Nicholas Graham Smith, COO, Platinum Guild International said, “Bridal jewellery is the largest, most vibrant and emotionally rich space for jewellery in India and wedding related purchases account for more than 60 per cent of jewellery purchases in India.We have seen phenomenal success of the PGI programmes till date and how well it has resonated with young India becoming a must-have in their wardrobe. So now is the time to look for a game changer in the market with EVARA Platinum Blessings to tap into the bridal segment that commands the highest consumer demand for jewellery. Thisnew and exciting offering will provide an opportunity for retailers to expand their business and will help them grow the market and create history once again with platinum.”

Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager India, Platinum Guild International added, “The concept of Platinum Evara will be promoted through a robust 360-degree campaign to inspirean emotional connect for platinum wedding jewellery. This will be supported by a strong trade programme that will deliver a superior consumer experience in-store with dedicated branded Platinum Evara zones.”

The industries top design professionals from Uni Design India, Shrenuj, B N Jewellers, Kama Schachter, Emerald, KGK and Foley designs were briefed to create the concept that will bring out the emotional symbolism behind Platinum Evara and give it a form. There was a design brief provided by the PGI to the designers to bring alive the promise of everlasting love with every piece of platinum bridal jewellery. The considerations given to the design teams was to find the right balance between the modernity the young desire of platinum and the strong Indian cultural connect of the wedding.