Orra crafts a masterpiece in eternal platinum

Platinum’s fascinating past, pure white lustrous look and sheer magnificence has mesmerized many for centuries. The metal’s versatility is what makes it a preferred metal for jewellers and enables the creation of fine breath-taking designs. “Write your own destiny” in versatile platinum crafted by ORRA is an inspirational vision. Leading on creativity while integrating pencil shaving as the key design form, the magnificent hand cuff aptly depicts the various phases of life with bold and defining cuts that defines the beginning and culmination of each life stage.

This digitally-inspired bold octagonal shape comes to life with multi laced rows of the pencil shavings assembling at the spectrum studded with Belgian diamonds. The pencil shave motif brings dimension and surface interest with the signature element and highlights the naturally white metal’s remarkable pliability, enabling an inspirational design form.

The highs and lows of the pencil shaving depict our very own flow of life- the various transitions over the years. ORRA’s skilled craftsmanship has beautifully captured this very thought in a splendid hand cuff also resonating the very fact that we as humans can learn from our own mistakes and never repeat them just like how a pencil allows us to wipe off and restart again. The combination skill, creativity and metal make this creation one of its kind.