One Avighna Park ties-up with Jewel Trendz to connect with Gems & Jewellery Industry

Adding one more feather to the Jewel Trendz’s cap, One Avighna Park – world’s best residential high-rise development joined hands with Jewel Trendz to offer luxury apartments to the gems and jewellery industry.

To offer gems and jewellery industry the best luxury homes in the heart of Lower Parel, One Avighna Park collaborated with Jewel Trendz. On May 22, Jewel Trendz announced their alliance with the best Twin 64-storey Luxury Residential Towers in Mumbai at Sahara Star Hotel in presence of esteemed patrons of Jewel Trendz. Mr. Govind Verma, CMD of Jewel Trendz Pvt Ltd welcomed Mr. Nishant Agarwal, MD of One Avighna Park and felicitated him with a bouquet.  Mr. Verma said, “It’s my pleasure that Mr. Agarwal recognized Jewel Trendz as the best medium to connect with the gems and jewellery industry.”

Mr. Agarwal said, “Good work is always appreciated and I am sure with Jewel Trendz we are set to achieve more!” Manufacturers and wholesalers were thrilled about One Avighna Park, a cluster redevelopment project in the hub of the city, Lower Parel. Many present also raised queries, to which Mr. Agarwal replied, “One Avighna Park is a redevelopment project. Since, it’s a redevelopment project, owners at the park will be titled to number of monetary benefits which includes low maintenance costs and getting an Occupancy Certificate won’t be a problem.”

One Avighna Park desk was set-up at Sahara Star on May 22 to help the jewellers with any query related to the project. The brochures were handed over to manufacturers and wholesalers present for the event.

About One Avighna Park: One Avighna Park is a cluster redevelopment project, and is envisaged to house- Twin 64-storey Luxury Residential Towers, One 40-storey Hospitality/Commercial Tower & Seven Rehabilitation Towers in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

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