On the Rocks

Design Special Jewel TrendzA combination of shine, sparkle and superior style that defines luxury and affordability is what elucidates our new collection “On The Rocks”. Ghanasingh Be True, known to accessorize every beautiful woman’s attire now launches jewels for a man who loves to bejewel his look with premium taste and sheer class. This fresh collection stands true to our 110 years of royal heritage as we endeavor to bring alluring beauty, timeless designs and unmatched craftsmanship that can be sported by the men and women of today.

You define your sense of style with the jewels that you carry with your attire. Ghanasingh Be True has once again aimed at recreating jewels that are one of a kind and relatable. The pieces in this handiwork make use of vibrant, energetic and breathtakingly vivacious stones that throb each piece to life with the ideal use of finely polished and glistening diamonds entwined beautifully in pure gold to give the sharpest yet contemporary and cultivated stylish look. Such is the green emerald earring pair that resembles strength, elegance and the need to be a class apart.

The brand now has a new line to offer to their men patrons. They can indulge in a range of exquisite, sophisticated and classy cufflinks, collar jewels and diamond buttons that will speak affluence and wealth in its very first look. The perfect use of gold and ebony black in these cufflinks suggest pure status of a prosperous and opulent man.

The new and eye catching collection showcases a wide array of earring and rings made in 18k gold featuring pristine, white and dazzling diamonds , deeply coloured rubies, passionate sapphires and fire filled emeralds to make each piece a masterpiece to own. The earrings and bracelets are set in diamonds that make them a must have for every woman. Our new masterwork is all about exciting vivid colours coupled with gorgeous diamonds, plain gold and earthy stones all combined in the same piece offering diversity and versatility. The design is modern yet revives the beauty of traditional forms of jewellery and is committed to redefine the universal perception that diamonds are forever expensive.

The striking and distinctive rings are atypical and were designed by Gautam Ghanasingh so that they add zest and sheer power to the stunner sporting it. My wife Krishaa Ghanasingh suggested that our new line of jewellery should cater to all our clientele. The core idea behind this artwork was to create jewellery for a global audience; men and women, who like to get the complete worth of their money in the most glamorous and shinning way!