Myga by Jaipur Jewels

Inspired by the Greek word Myga which means ‘fly’ Jaipur Jewels latest bridal collection symbolizes freedom and the power to rise high; each piece is exquisite in how it uses ‘wings’ as a visual to revel the starting point of the bride’s journey.

Myga is an ode to the woman of today, the invincible bride, as she steps into the most important phase of her life, Marriage. It urges her to promise to continue to be herself and follow her dreams. The intricate detailing of the pieces moulded in the shape of wings using yellow and white gold arean epitome of royalty. Crafted with a view of making every bride embody an Indian princess, Myga showcases an array of neckpieces, earrings, rings, palm rings, bracelets and hairbands.

These designs are elegantly graced with diamonds, precious stones, Basra pearls and jadau which spell majesty; every element of the jewellery reflects the eternal spirit of a woman today. Myga comprises of unique designs such as the winged bracelet which features an exquisite setting of black and white diamonds in magnificent matte gold.

The emerald diamond necklace is a true expression of individuality with its intricate winged shape design and a 46 carat suspended emerald drop. The emotions of a bride are beautifully translated into the collection. Drawing inspiration from wings, Myga revisits the legacy and passion of Jaipur Jewels remarkable craftsmanship. The Jaipur Jewels woman is an embodiment of self‐confidence, grace, ambition, self‐ awareness, regality and invincibility.