JTGJS organizes a get together for their participants before the 3rd edition

curtain raiserFor the very first time in the history of gems and jewellery industry, JTGJS hosts a pre-exhibition meet for their participants at the most coveted venue Sahara Star Hotel.

To make the most awaited gems and jewellery show transparent and interactive, all the participants of the third edition were invited at Sahara Star hotel on June 14 to discuss in detail about the upcoming show. The pre-event meet was attended by almost all the esteemed participants of the show, which included names like Emerald, Palak Jewellers, Jewel Darshan, Shanti S. Seth, KIK, Mark CZ, Mehta Diamonds, Kaustubh Gold, Arihant, L Jhaverchand etc.

It is the grand success of the previous two editions of the show that has made the third edition to be organized at the luxurious 5-star Sahara Star hotel. The expectations have doubled as the numbers of participants in the third edition have more than doubled this time. To meet with the needs and demands of the partakers, the events team of Jewel Trendz Pvt Ltd presented a presentation to give a brief idea about the services offered by them at the show. This included introducing the key people that will help the participants set their stalls at the show.

An actual stall was kept on display at the event for reference of the jewellers as to the size and other specifications offered in the stall. The stage was kept open to answer all the queries with regards to the services and stall set-up offered by the show. Some of the rules and regulations to be followed by the participants during the show were also recited at the pre-exhibition meet to make the event hassle-free.

Participants from Kolhapur, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad etc were all present at the show. The entire team was elated to see such a great turnover at the pre-event meet. With the best names of the industry, Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show aims to ride high this year. All the participants were invited at the podium to introduce themselves and speak about the products that will be highlighted in the third edition. To our surprise, many of the participants had some big plans of launching their new product line through the platform of Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show. More than 8 new launches are expected at the third edition of the show.

The entire team including Jewel Trendz Director, Mr. Shamal Pote personally introduced and interacted with each and every participant present at the show. He made himself available throughout the meet to answer all the queries of the partakers. Jewel House participating with us for the first time accepted that the gems and jewellery business is changing. The owner said, “The new generation of the industry is looking up to new changes and with such grand exhibitions things are definitely getting better.” Harsh mehta of mehta Jewel, a Chennai-based jeweller is also participating with the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show for the first time would be launching their new branch in Mumbai with the show

It was a great pleasure for the entire team to announce that Mr. Krishnan of emerald showed personal interest to participate in our third edition. Sensual, Sparsh Diamonds are other big debutants at the third edition of the show. Representative of our logistic partner, BVC Logistics was also present at the meet to answer the queries of the jewellers with regards to vault and logistics activities that would be carried out by them during the show.

The meet was followed by heavy snacks at the venue. The participants took complete advantage as they enquired about all their queries at the show. The pre-exhibition meet was a great success with such a wonderful response by our esteemed participants. Lastly, Mr. Govind Verma, CMD of Jewel Trendz Pvt Ltd, gave a vote of thanks to all the participants at the venue and announced about upcoming new service, India International Jewellery Club (IIJC) to be offered by the company.

IIJC will serve as an exclusive business platform for manufacturers and wholesalers. The club assures of getting the retailers at the doorstep of manufacturers and wholeslaers for better business. The club provides an opportunity to build on better clientelle. For further information you can get in touch with our CMD on 9619725193 or govind@jeweltrendz.in.

Group photograph of JTGJS3 participants

Pre-exhibition get-together of all the JTGJS3 participants





Highlights of the Show

Some prominent participants like Mark CZ, Palak Jewellers, Shankesh Jewellers, Matushree Gold from Bangalore, Ritika Chains, Swarn Shilpi from Ahmedabad, Jewel Darshan, Jai Gulab Dev from Chennai etc. will continue their journey with the third edition of the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show. Sajjan Jain, Director of Jai Gulab Dev said, “The previous shows were well organised and it has helped us built on our clientele from different part of India especially from Pune and Delhi.” There are also some new debutants at the show. Mahashila Jewellery, Dhanishta Gold, Dantara Jewellers, AT Plus, Touch 22 etc. are some of the prominent participants at the show. Some of our visitors like Krishnan Srinivisan of Emerald and Manak Dhing of Nice Diamonds are participating this time at the show.

Mr. Srinivasan of Emerald, a leading manufacturing company from Coimbatore, has high hopes from the upcoming show. He explains, “Market is stabilised now, hence the potential for business is high. The Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show will be of great help as it serves as a good platform to exchange views and creations.” Having understood the reach and potential of the show, Mr. Srinivasan says, “We are using this show to introduce high-end gold and diamond jewellery as well as the company is set to foray in platinum as well. The platinum jewellery will also be showcased at the show.”

Ankit Jain of Matushree Gold expects a good business this time. He says, “With better venue and lot more participants this time as compared with second edition of the show, the expectations are certainly high this time.” While speaking to him, he hinted at exclusive line of product that would be featured at the show.

Shailesh Daga, Director of Palak Jewellers, participating with us since last two editions, have always believed in us. He said, “Since the show is at pan India level, it helps us meet new clients from different regions. The display and show are well organised to attract the buyers.” Both the editions were appreciated by all the participants for the best services and display offered to them. L Javerchand Jewellers, a wholesaler of gold and diamond jewellery, is also looking forward for better business this time as well. Anand Jain shares, “This is third time we are participating at the show and we definitely expect better turnout this time as venue is bigger.”

Ayodhya Prasadji of Shanti S. Seth Jewellers adds, “Businesswise we expect a good response from the visitors. We would be focusing on our wedding jewellery collection at the show.”

Mark is once again going to add some glitter to the third edition of the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show as Mukesh Mehta, Director of the company unveiled the launch of CZ jewellery at the show. “This time we would be using the third edition as exclusive platform for 3 product launches to be offered at Mark,” he said at the pre-exhibition event held at the venue.

Prithviraj Kothari’s Sparsh diamond is making a debut for the first time at the show. Sparsh Diamond is a retail venture of one of the biggest bullion company RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd. (RSBL) in India. Mr. Kothari said, “With a venue as big as IIJS and good number of participants the third edition of the show will be at par with IIJS. Hence, we have decided to launch exclusive diamond jewellery collection at the show.”

RKR Gold from Coimbatore, is also participating in the show for the first time. Mr. Hari from the company shares, “This is the first For Visitor’s Curtain raiser time we are participating at the show and we definitely expect positive results.” The company would be exclusively featuring their tessellated marble jewellery collection and wooden jewellery collection at the show. Besides this, they will also showcase a wide range of light weight and wedding jewellery collection at the show.

Mehta Gold from Bangalore, who specialise in antique gold jewellery will also showcase their exclusive line-ups at the show. Mr. Sandeep Mehta says, “Being a manufacturing company, we expect a real good business, with good number of retailers and manufacturers participating at the show, the visitors should be tripled.”

Harsh Creations would be launching their new division Mehta Jewels exclusively at the third edition of the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show. Nirav Mehta of the renowned company says, “We expect a real good turnout at the show. Besides this, a lot of our clients from Dubai are expected at the show as well. GRT Jewellers is definitely coming at the show.”

Jewellers have raised their hopes with the upcoming jewellery show as the event is parallel to IIJS, notifies mr. arpit Khandelwal of shree Jewel House. He says, “The show is bringing the crème of the industry under one roof, which itself is commendable. In fact, the Jewel Trendz team is working hard towards creating a show for niche with the key players of the industry this will surely benefit us.” Having specialized in diamond bangles, the company see a steady growth in this. Hence, they will highlight some of their unique creations at the show.

Jewel Trendz Pvt. Ltd., known to provide varied services to the industry, is heavily promoting the third edition extensively on varied platforms. The company provided with invitations as complimentary to each and every participant to invite their esteemed clients. An extensive digital campaign was also delegated on social networking sites and WhatsApp. Besides this, for the first time in the history of Indian gems and jewellery industry, the company introduced an exhibition travel package which included 4-days, 3-night stay at Sahara Star Hotel and business travel plan at just Rs. 20,000.

With easy registration process and free entry for the gems and jewellery industry, this show is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all the traders and manufacturers of the industry. It is a great pleasure for Jewel Trendz to organise such a massive event for the gems and jewellery fraternity.