Jewellery Trendz this Wedding Season

Jewellery Trendz this Wedding Season

Time and again Indian wedding jewellery has been recreated and innovated by the prominent designers and jewellers to cater the needs and demands of the consumers. As wedding season is at its peak, Jewel Trendz finds out the latest trends of this season.

Jewellery is an essential ensemble of Indian wedding encouraging consumers to splurge money on getting the finest diamond necklace sets, statement jewellery, traditional polki or jadau sets, etc. on their special day. However, with new trends every season, the wedding jewellery collection also keeps evolving.

Gold being auspicious is always the first choice; hence traditional gold jewellery is never out of fashion. However, consumers are shifting towards Kundan Jadau, Polka, precious stones, trendy hand mangalsutras, vintage and royal collections too. Jewellers are taking cue from the rich Indian jewellery heritage and enhancing the designs with a contemporary twist to cater consumers changing tastes and preferences.

Demonetisation and unfavorable policies have hard-hit the gems and jewellery industry but as wedding season is in full swing, buyers continue to splurge their money on jewellery. However, demonetization and policies have constrained the buyers to indulge in minimal jewellery for the upcoming wedding season. Apart from this, the modern generation adorns statement jewellery. They are not so fond of diamond or Kundan or Jadau sets; instead they opt for chunky necklaces, chokers, trendy earrings, etc. that can be worn at different occasions in future too.

In India, adornment is an art and when it comes to wedding season, there is a piece of jewel for every part of a bride from head toe. Here are some of the trends of this wedding season.

Chunky Necklaces

Traditional bridal jewellery is constantly modified as per the preference and style of the new-age brides. These brides don’t like the traditional wear but they did like to wear something which is contemporary with traditional aesthetics. This includes chunky or oversized statement wear like multilayered necklaces or single super-large pieces. Such necklaces are beautifully molded in an interesting play of diamonds with coloured gemstones and uncut diamonds.

Dual Choker

These chokers are embellished with fine diamonds and semi precious stones. The gold dual choker is contemporary jewellery that can be adorned by women during wedding as well as at the pre-wedding functions. Some of these chokers are detachable for using it differently at varied events.

The Peacock & Nature-based Collection

To mark the most significant day of a bride, designers and jewellery keep innovating new designs to make them feel special on their wedding day. This wedding season saw spurt of jewellers coming up with bridal jewellery inspired by peacock and nature-based designs.

Contemporary Sets

This season contemporary sets are replacing the traditional Kundan, Jadau and Polki sets. Jadau choker with solid gold beads and semi-precious stones, antique finish bridal choker with polkis, and designed gold beads studded with semi precious stones and many such traditional pieces are reinvented in new ways to match with the new-age bride’s jewellery demand.

The Newfangled Earrings

Reinvented jhumkas and chadbalis are in vogue this wedding season. Designers have etched the traditional earrings in contemporary design to create an elegant statement this wedding season. A tassel earring adds-on to the style quotient of beholder and it goes with any outfit, which makes it a popular choice among the brides for pre-wedding functions.

Elaborate Handcuffs

Handcuffs are gradually replacing the traditional bangles this season. Elaborate handcuffs play a vital role in giving the finishing touch to the brides look. These cuffs are handcrafted beautifully in diamonds and coloured stones. You will also find them with red and green Kundan karigari, textured gold and pearls, semi-precious ruby and chitrayi work.

Enhanced Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka is in vogue this wedding season with some scintillating variations of it available in the market. Crown style maang tikka style will make one forget the classic maang tikka styles as it allows you to convert your necklace into a crown. The one-sided maang tikka style is another favourite pick of the season. Maang tikka or Pasa inspired by Mughal Era ensemble with studded stones is getting popular among the masses.

-Rika Aash Pathak