Jewel Star visits Chennai

Jewel Star, one the most ambitious projects of the gems and jewellery industry, made its presence felt in Chennai on October 7 with renowned south jewellers.

Jewel Star hosted a get-together party on October 7 at Hilton Hotel, Chennai for the prominent manufacturers, wholesalers and jewellers from South India to acquaint the industry about the scope of the project. Jewel Star is an endeavour to create sustainable and innovative business solutions for our gems and jewellery industry.

The project has been initiated to encourage better communication between businesses, which was also reflected at the get-together party. Major manufacturers, wholesalers and jewellers specialising in varied areas joined the party for the presentation of Jewel Star. Mr. Govind Verma, Founder of Jewel star and CMD of Jewel Trendz Pvt. Ltd. while addressing the guests highlighted the importance of Jewel Star and how jewellers can leverage their businesses. With bouquet of products and services to offer to the members of the project, Jewel Star is set to become the B2B gold souk of Mumbai.

Mr. Verma said, “Jewel Star aims at making the unorganised gems and jewellery sector into organised one by bringing all businesses together under one roof – Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. The industry is scattered at this very stage, which is hampering the growth of the sector. With Jewel Star, I want to make entire industry one.” Leaders of the South Indian jewellery industry applauded Mr. Verma for his innovative idea.

The presentation was followed by some entertaining programs hosted by Desi Swag team followed by cocktails and dinner. The guests had good time as they took this opportunity to unwind and enjoy to the fullest. The get-together party saw presence of Mr. M P Ahmed from Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Dignitaries from GRT Jewellers, Mr. Lalit Jain from Lalith Jewellers, Mr. Sanjay Jain of Jewel Park, Mr. Jayantilal Challani from Madras Jewellery and Diamonds’ Merchant Association among other esteemed guests.