Jaipur Jewels

Jaipur Jewels unveils its new collection ‘Rise Anew’

With a heritage of over 150 years Jaipur Jewels proudly hails from Rajasthan the land of art and culture. A vision that has transformed jewels into impeccable pieces of precious art, Jaipur Jewels is synonymous with luxury, elegance and beauty. ‘Rise Anew’ is the brand’s campaign, as Jaipur Jewels strongly believes that looking ahead begins with looking back and new treasures are discovered in old stories. Jaipur Jewels aspires to awaken nobility with heritage.

The Rise Anew collection comprises of exquisitely crafted jewellery where every cut and sparkle has a renewed spirit. In every piece, Jaipur Jewels have attempted to discover new treasures, reawaken nobility and breathe new life into tradition.  Traditional craftsmanship has been blended with contemporary sensibility to form a dazzling array of neckpieces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Jaipur Jewels is ushering a new wave of nobility jewellery in India by being synonymous with excellence in quality and creation. Rendering a unique style that will remain etched in the minds of people forever. The glorious past has been reinterpreted through timeless jewellery pieces of ‘Rise Anew’.