IIDGR to launch a new equipment to detect HPHT synthetic diamonds

To tackle the rising concerns in the global diamond industry about the undisclosed mixing of the High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) synthetics, the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR), a subsidiary of De Beers group, announced that it will unveil the latest addition of its suite of synthetic detection technology at the forthcoming Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem fair between September 14 and September 18.

IIDGR’s new instrument, PhosView, is a compact, self-contained screening device designed to allow parcels of polished stones to be quickly and accurately analysed to determine if they contain potential HPHT synthetics. During analysis, colourless and near-colourless stones in the 0.003 carat (one third of a point, or 0.9mm) to one carat size range are viewed on a screen while being subjected to UV light. Any phosphorescing stones are revealed and may be manually separated out for further analysis using built-in manipulator arms. The machine is designed to screen loose diamonds as well some jewellery pieces.

Jonathan Kendall, IIDGR President, said “With rising concerns in the diamond industry around undisclosed HPHT synthetics, protecting trade confidence is critical. Harnessing the expertise in De Beers Technologies, we have developed the new PhosView™ instrument to provide HPHT screening capability, so that it may be used by as many businesses across the industry as possible. We look forward to demonstrating PhosView™ to businesses within the diamond trade at the upcoming show in Hong Kong.”

Courtesy: Times Of India