Haresh Pahuja: The Man behind the Success of Itan

Haresh Pahuja

Haresh Pahuja

Mr. Haresh Pahuja, a name synonymous with gems and jewellery industry for ages started his career in the industry at a very young age. Born and brought up in a family that has been in the business for generations, he joined the family business at the age of 13 as a hobby. By 17, he knew all the tricks and trades of the bangle manufacturing business that helped him take this business to new heights.

In 1992, Mr. Pahuja ventured with his first bangle manufacturing unit in Dubai. In fact, he also owns the respect of introducing the first branded bangles in UAE. Besides his own company, he was also part of the founding members of two other similar companies. With his expertise in customer service and manufacturing industry, he started a number of factories in Dubai and Mumbai. In a brief period, Mr. Pahuja has redefined the industry with new innovations and technology.

Credited as the founder of the biggest and most technologically advanced bangle factory, he started Itan, 2013 in Mumbai and 2014 in Dubai. Mr. Pahuja has turned Itan into a brand that stands for leadership. Over 10 million gold bangles are produced under his guidance. He was the one who introduced the concept of machine-made bangles in UAE. Mr Pahuja has always looked ahead of his times, which has helped him come of his age to blend the technology in his creations and company.

An inspiration for his team, Mr. Pahuja has always motivated every member of his team to evolve and grow with the company. It’s his determination that has made Itan products available at all the leading jewellers in more than 20 countries within a short span of 10 months. Against all the odds, he has dealt with all kind of challenges with ease and emerged as a true leader in the industry. A man who not only lives in present but also has ability to foresee the upcoming trends has always helped him make some time for his passion – jewellery designing.

Mr. Pahuja enjoys spending quality time with his children when not at work, but when at work he works beyond his limits to adopt the new conventional ideas to grow big in the business. No doubt, he heads four leading jewellery manufacturing companies