sovereign-gold bonds

‘Gold’en opportunity? All about Sovereign Gold Bonds as next tranche opens on July 10

The next tranche of Sovereign Gold Bonds opens for application next week — on July 10. This is the second issue of Sovereign Gold Bonds so far this fiscal year, and ninth overall. Sovereign Gold Bonds offer retail investors an opportunity to invest in the precious metal and get a fixed return on their investments in addition to any appreciation or depreciation in the price of the underlying asset — gold itself.

Further, the recent implementation of 3 per cent GST rate on gold would also act as an advantage to the buyers of Sovereign Gold Bonds, which would not beat the tax. For those who are not emotionally motivated to hold physical gold in their hand and keep the shining metal in their lockers, it also offers the comfort on purity of the gold owned and the satisfaction of not having to shell out heavy making charges which accrue on physical gold purchases.

Courtesy: Financial Express