GJSCI creates industry’s first dedicated Job Portal www.gjscijobs.com

Gems & Jewellery Skill Council of India(GJSCI) makes yet another contribution to the industry with the launch of www.gjscijobs.com, an exclusive job portal for the Gems &Jewellery industry. www.gjscijobs.com is an interactive Web portal and will be accessible from any device including mobile, tablets, and desktops. It allows a candidate to search jobs from various categories like designing, retail, manufacturing on a Pan India level, while connecting the entire sector to the potential talent pool available. This will not only act as a bridge between existing talent and employers but will also open doors for fresh talent to enter the industry. Besides, this website while it shall help candidates scout for relevant jobs, it will also help candidates already in the Industry upgrade their skills through GJSCI’s various existing programs such as RPL, E-learning App for Retail Associates etc.

This Job Portal is open to all jewellers i.e., Manufacturers, wholesalers, Retailers, any entity in the Gem and Jewellery Industry, who wishes to utilize the website for their recruitment activities.‎ This portal will also cut down the hiring cost for the employers by 90 per cent when compared to traditional hiring methods used by the industry at this time as it allows a recruiter to make 20 postings at a minimal fee of Rs. 1000 only. Due to its industry specific nature, it will also give employers the choice from a wide pool of talent just at a click of a mouse liberating them from geographic restrictions. The entire recruitment process is managed centrally which allows the employer to post vacancies, receive CVs, screen, prioritize and contact candidates individually or collectively and track all activities from the confines of a private and highly functional employer Workspace. Job seekers similarly can track the progress of their application at every stage of the hiring process from their own functional Workspace. This allows for an enhanced user experience for both employer and job seekers.

Chairman’s Mr. Prem Kumar Kothari’s Says: India is one of the largest exporters of gem and jewellery, and it contributes a major portion to the total foreign reserves. As the companies today compete with the best in the world, their requirement for trained and skilled personnel will increase. Gem and jewellery industry is labor intensive industry, and to have skilled manpower is an asset to the company. Invest in Skills and your employees will be your assets. Skilled employees not only help provide superior products but they also help in doing the overall process in more efficient manner & the manufacturing defects are at the lower side, which results in cost effectiveness. On the launch, Mr. Binit Bhatt, C.E.O, GJSCI said, “Our aim is to create aneco-system for the gems and jewellery sector for finding the right talent for their respective organisation while at the same time making it easier for fresh talent to enter this Industry.”