Ghanasingh Be True launches The Princess Bride Collection’

Mumbai: The significance of jewelry made and owned in India extends beyond the realm of personal adornment to encompass social customs and craft practices as well as stylistic and technical developments. Our family heritage, our life history, we chose the best way to represent ourselves through our appearance. Whether we choose to wear commercial designs or original pieces, our taste in jewelry tells others a little bit about ourselves. From the most beautiful diamonds at Ghanasingh Be True to the macaroni necklaces we made in elementary school, our existence is often accessorized by the jewelry we wear.

Wedding jewellery specialist Ghanasingh Be True (GBT) has unveiled an awe-inspiring ‘The Princess Bride Collection’ for fulfilling the innate needs of Indian brides, who are constantly seeking to balance tradition with modernism, indulgence with elegance, and style with sophistication. Inspired from their unique range of diamond jewellery, GBT recreates the mystery and brilliance of one of the most exotic creation. The new and exclusive store will offer for the first time diamond necklaces in 18k gold and comprises of fusion jewellery pieces, where we have used fancy diamonds, yellow diamonds, rose cuts, uncut diamonds and rare coffee diamonds to make each piece a masterpiece to own. The diamond jewellery has an aura of their own it will make you dazzle on your big day to compliment the look perfectly.

Ghanasingh Be True, commented, “Wedding specialist ‘GBT’ has always understood the specific needs of brides and delivered the best possible collections time and again to build a concrete reputation in bridal wear. Diamond sets in terms of design superiority and production creates possibilities and reflects the deep rooted aspirations of Indian brides.”

Gautam Ghanasingh Says, “Since we are the original initiator of reinventing bridal collection, I fully believe in the idea. We feel it should keep evolving and at the same time be kept relevant and fun with the changing milieu we don’t think that we are the only brand? We love everything different. Even though weddings take place and themes are contemporary, it’s still important to retain the Indianess. As it a fashion cliche so Ghanasingh Be True has come up with a new creation ‘The Princess Bride collection’, with different perspective for more affordable price on jewellery.”