Exquisite Emerald Jewellery Collection by Anmol Jewellers

Jewel Trendz design specialOpening the doors to enchantment, this season, embrace the era of panache with the 28 year old brand Anmol Jewellers’ collection of Emerald Jewellery. Toying with rules of elegance Anmol Jewellers believes in carving masterpieces that can be adorned as a legacy for generations. The Emerald collection is an ensemble of quintessentially one of a kind piece, thus marking an era of magnificence!

Anmol Jewellers’ Emerald collection is a assortment of fine cut rings and earrings embellished with emeralds and diamonds, infused flawlessly in gold. Green is the colour of nature and evokes soothing emotions. On the other hand emeralds have always been the beloved jewel of royal courts. Thus wearing Emeralds would bring the perfect blend of tranquility as well as class to your persona. Each piece is unique and contemporary and can be worn with traditional as well as modern attire making it a trousseau must have.

Anmol Jewellers, has been creating unique masterpieces since 28 years. Known for its exceptional design astute Anmol Jewellers is the preferred jewellery brand among the crème de la crème across industries. From daughters of leading business and industrial homes in India and overseas to glamorous Bollywood actors and superiorly creative fashion designers Anmol Jewellers is the jewellery hub for all. The desire to create, innovate and evolve with every single masterpiece is what makes Anmol Jewellers a jewellery house to reckon with.

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