Era of Colors

Anmol never seizes to surprise and brighten up their consumers through the unique and grandeur jewellery and appreciate the culture and seasons in absolute nonpareil designs. The Diwali collection by Anmol, ‘The Era of Colors’ not only brings out the lustrous radiance of Diwali and but emblazons the best of Indian culture, scintillating colors.

Indian culture has never been hesitant to experiment with lucent shades and lambent hues and our never ending love for colored jewellery hasn’t faded a bit. Colors have always been more than just what they are. Red symbolizes youth and love while blue manifests affection and peace, green is dainty and tranquil whereas purple never fails to look divine and delightful. ‘Era of Colors’ range is beautifully designed to excellence and crafted to be transcendent with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and tanzanite.

A perfect amalgamation of radiant colors and artistic vision has created a magnificent range. Grand in appearance, yet intricately framed, this is the perfect piece for anyone who adores regal, princely designs and jewellery. Ideal for any occasion, this range could make a statement of elegance and finesse anywhere.