Detachable Jewellery – Trend of the Season

Who wouldn’t love more choices in the same price? The concept of detachable jewellery is all about giving you more choices with a single ornament. The multi-utility characteristic of such jewellery makes it a desired pick for the new age woman of today who loves wearing jewellery but doesn’t like repeating the same look often. Detachable jewellery provides the wearer with choices of wearing bigger jewellery as a statement piece or wearing it in multiple different forms as per the occasion.In fact, detachable jewellery is also a blessing in disguise when you have to travel as you can carry fewer pieces and can still sport varied looks with the different fragments of the same bauble. In line with the fashion trend, even Entice has some brilliantly gorgeous detachable jewellery options in intricate designs and impeccable finish with very simple and user friendly detachable mechanisms.

Mrs. Manju Kothari, Creative Director, Entice says, “A woman and her love for jewellery is inseparable, however, if a big piece of jewellery can be separately worn in different ways, what else can be better than that? I am myself a big fan of detachable jewellery as it gives me the opportunity to experiment, sporting many looks with a single jewellery piece. At Entice, we have some very beautiful detachable jewellery pieces in exemplary designs, which will certainly appeal the modern woman of today. Every piece can be used in combination or separate, suiting different styles, looks, time and attire…hence, spoiling one with choices.” Some exquisite pieces of detachable jewellery are undeniably a must-have for each and every woman who aspires to be beautiful and unique, every time!