Design Special: Spring Summer Collection by Zyra

Design Special ZyraSpring brings along itself a sign of beauty, a symbol of grace. Its exquisite splendor lies in our ability to enjoy the flowers that bloom and the colours that surround, bearing testimony to the truth that world is designed for our enjoyment. As the great sages would say, come spring and the Gods put life into the sweetest things on Earth, the flowers. The delicacy in every petal is a proud assertion of the rays of beauty that out-values the utilities of the world. The feelings of the flora imagine it alone, the flowers muse in modesty and wait the mantling of our hearts to a feeling that breathes forth the sweetest odours.

As Heinrich Heine once said, flow forth, ye perfumes of my heart, and seek beyond these mountains the dear one of my dreams, the Zyra cuts and colours have been shaped to address that aching of the heart. The pure, unbridled innocence of the enchanting visuals of the flora; how unaware it is of its own charm, like when it dances freely with the flirtatious breeze, it hardly cares about the worries of the world. The collection is crafted to intoxicate you like the wild roses in the pathway, as you watch the deep red velveteen petals that are cured to perfection, the luminescent and innocently pretty patterns that speak to us. Appearing to be oblivious of her beauty, and yet standing tall and proud through its elegance. Its affordability is an absolute indulgence with its unique patterns of flowers like Sunflower, Lily, Hydrangea, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and Rose.

It’s a collection inspired for you to safe keep a flower that doesn’t need water, soil or sunshine. A collection crafted in white and yellow gold, studded with white diamonds that stay in full bloom through summer and winter, through the good times and the bad.Spring Summer Collection by Zyra Spring Summer Collection by Zyra Spring Summer Collection by Zyra Spring Summer Collection by Zyra