Curtain Raiser: Fourth Edition of Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show

The 4th edition of the coveted Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show is just a month away! Excitement of exhibitors and visitors has doubled due to ‘Taj Mahal’ theme at the show. Everyone is thrilled to witness the ‘Jewels’ of the industry at the thematic exhibition.  

Heading towards success, the 4th edition of Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show (JTGJS) is all set to be one of the best gems and jewellery exhibitions in the industry. The 4th JTGJS to be held on February 20-21-22, 2015 at Sahara Star Hotel, Near Domestic Airport, Mumbai comprises of the best manufacturer and wholesalers from India.

Renowned Indian manufacturers and wholesalers are part of the upcoming edition. With more than 150 stalls, exhibitors will display some unique mix of products at the show. The 4th edition aims to be a strong networking platform for the visitors and exhibitors at the show. It’s a medium that caters to the growing needs and demands of the gems and jewellery sector. JTGJS is an ideal source to know about the latest trends adopted by the market. The show supported by BVC Logistics will continue to create lucrative opportunities for their stakeholders.

Unlike the previous edition, the 4th edition is a thematic edition! A theme that is reckoned as a monument of love, ‘Taj Mahal’, is the grand theme of the upcoming show. Everyone will witness the ‘Jewels’ of the industry in a perfect set-up of ‘Taj’. Exhibitors are thrilled to exhibit their products as this is going to be a one-time experience for the visitors. A special team from London designed the stall to recreate the same grandeur of ‘Taj Mahal’. The periodic theme is all set to exhibit an era that will leave the visitors mesmerized, wanting for more!

Exhibitors comprising of manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters will showcase some of the finest collection in couture jewellery, gold, silver, platinum jewellery besides diamonds and gemstones. The venue of the exhibition, Sahara Star hotel adds to the enormity of the show. With the high tech facilities and 50,000 square feet area, the venue promises to be one of the most luxurious destinations for gems and jewellery show.

A Walk through 3rd edition of JTGJS

 The 3rd edition of Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show continued to climb the success ladder as it opened to a remarkable response by the visitors. Despite of rains, the who’s who of the industry was seen making their way to the JTGJS show to make it a huge success! This exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Executive Director of Kalyan Jewellers, one of the biggest retail chains of India in presence of Mr. Govind Verma, CMD of Jewel Trendz India Pvt Ltd and Mr. Shamal Pote, Director of the company.

JTGJS July edition received a grand opening with some of the renowned retailers and wholesalers, that visited the show from India and abroad. Mr. Joy, MD of renowned retail chain Joyalukkas who has worldwide reach in places like France, New York, etc. visited the show. Mr. Jayantilal Challani, founder of 50-year-old Challani Jewellery Mart and President of The Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants Association, was present on all three-days to encourage JTGJS. Mr. G.R. Radhakrishnan and Mr. G.R. Ananthapadmanabhan, MD of GRT Jewellers, India’s foremost jewellery store that deals with gold, diamond, platinum and silver jewellery also honoured the 3rd edition of the show with their presence.

Representatives of Bhima Jewellery (Kerala), Sarvana Selvarathinam Jewellers (Chennai), Swarovski Gems, Hansmukh Parekh Jewellers, PN Gadgil Jewellers, etc also visited the show. Ahammed M.P and Nishad A.K., Group Executive Directors of Malabar Gold Ornaments Makers Pvt Ltd were present at the show. Dr. Arul Sarvana, Owner of Sarvana Selvarathinam Jewellers and Mr. Waman of Waman Hari Pethe also visited the show.

Prida Tiasuwan of Pranda Jewelry PCL, Bangkok and Ira Tsirlina, Project Manager at Israel Diamond Institute were also present at the show. The show served as an ideal platform for the visitors to get a peek through about new products in the market as well as they interacted with the best of wholesalers and manufacturers of the gems and jewellery industry. The show also witnessed wholesalers and retailers from Bangladesh, Delhi, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Salem, Kolkatta, Raipur, Chennai, Vietnam, Israel, Turkey, etc. Mr. Chandraprakash Siroya, owner of Siroya Jewellers LLC in UAE and Vice Chairman of Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group (DGJG) also visited us. Responsible for ooverseeing the trade association’s activities to promote the gold and jewellery industry in Dubai to a regional and global audience, he was more than happy to visit the show.

Mohammed Kaiser from Pure Zara Jewellery LLC, Dubai visited the 3rd edition as well. Not only visitors, but also exhibitors were extremely happy with the turnout on all three days of the show. The exhibitors at the show consist of a mix of manufacturer, wholesalers of gold, diamond, silver and gemstones. JTGJS was success in bringing focused platforms together to cater the growing needs and demands of the trade and market. The exhibitors attained great success as they were able to create new networks as well as forge strong bid with potential buyers across the nation and abroad. JTGJS has effectively succeeded in generating 80-100 per cent business for the participants. Presence of close to 24,000 plus visitors clearly indicated the reach of the show.

Exhibitors gear up for JTGJS 2015 at the Pre-exhibition meet

JTGJS 4 Participants

Participants of 4th Edition of JTGJS at the pre-exhibitors meet.

Just like previous edition, a pre-exhibition meet was held this year too to welcome all our participants to the 4th edition of the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show. Exhibitors were more than excited for the upcoming edition as they expressed their expectations from the 4th edition.

Just a month-away, the 4th edition of the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show (JTGJS) 2015 gets in full swing with a Pre-exhibition meet at Sahara Star Hotel on January 10, 2015. Govind Verma, CMD of Jewel Trendz and Shamal Pote, Director of the company warmly welcomed all the exhibitors of 4th edition to Jewel Trendz family.

The meet started with lighting of lamp by Govind Verma, CMD of Jewel Trendz, Ankit Jain, Director of Matushree Gold, Mahendra Jain, Director of Mukti Gold, Pranay Raj Chawla, Director of Hallmark Jewellers, Rupesh Jain, Director of Arihant Jewellers and Jitesh Jain, Director of Jewel Creations among other exhibitors present at the meet. It was followed with a presentation by Shamal Pote, Director of Jewel Trendz that highlighted the key aspects of 3rd edition of JTGJS that included branding, inauguration and VIPs at the show.

He also highlighted the key achievements of Jewel Trendz in 2014 which includes the GJTCI ~ Excellence Awards 2014 for Best Print Media Company and company’s esteemed presence at the 75 years of celebration of The Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants’ Association (MJDMA) with Jayantilal Challani, President of MJDMA. He further explained that the pre-exhibition meet was held to ensure hassle-free exhibition on February 20-21-22, 2015.

As a part of ritual, the Director of the company invited the exhibitors to come up on dais and introduce themselves to co-exhibitors for better communication and co-ordination. 46 out of 75 participants from different cities were present at the meet. Many first-timers like Akash Gold, Anjan Gold, Sky Gold, Dharmesh Jewellers, Exquisite Joaillerie, Gautam Jewellers, Happy Gold, Vikash Jewellers (Ahmedabad), Rajesh Kumar Mohanlal Jewellers (Rajkot), Sangeeta Chains, Shringar’s Gold, Sundha Jewels, T.G. Art (Kolhapur), Lalit Jewellers (Hyderabad) and Peeyar Manufacturers among others shared their expectation from the 4th edition of JTGJS.

The ambience was full of positivity as all the exhibitors present actively participated in the discussion and were enthusiastic to share new launches they plan during the 4th edition. 2nd time participant, Ambica Gold demanded for an extra stall for launching their ‘Bullion’ arm at the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show. Chandrasekhar Choudhary of Exquisite Joaillerie sees JTGJS as a good platform for strengthening business ties. He said, “We are participating for first time and expect to target South and East regions of India with the help of exhibition.” Hallmark Jewellers of Hyderabad continued their relation with JTGJS after getting fabulous response at the 3rd edition of Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show.

Jitu Bhai of Jewel Creations gave it a whole new meaning to the pre-exhibition meet by sharing his opinion about JTGJS. He said, “Exhibition is not meant for sales or competition, it’s a platform where one can prove his individuality. Unlike other big exhibitions held all-over India, JTGJS is one-of-its-kind that gives every exhibitor their own space to make their name big in the gems and jewellery market.” He even sang a song to keep the environment of the meet lively. Old participant JV Bangles known for their Diamond Bangles will be launching JV Gold in the 4th edition of the upcoming exhibition.

Jewel House aims to get South clientele base through 4th edition of the show as they have strong clientele base in North India. Amit Gulecha of Ritika Chains didn’t want to break the continuity of participating at the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show. Ritika Chains is participating for 3rd time at the show. Amit said, “We started our association with Jewel Trendz at 2nd edition of JTGJS in February 2014 and it had helped us lot and we hope the same from upcoming edition.” Kartik Jain of Sundha Jewels thought that the meet was a great learning experience for him. Kumar Jain of T. G. Art from Kolhapur said, “JTGJS is a good platform for marketing.”

As the 4th edition is a thematic show, the theme of the show was unveiled at the meet by our CMD with Ayodhya Prasadji, Director of Shanti S Seth Jewellers. All the exhibitors present during the inauguration were stunned to witness the ‘Taj Mahal’ theme created within their stalls. Exhibitors appreciated the grand theme presented to them at the meet.

The concept of Jewel Trendz’s Jewellery Award was also introduced to exhibitors present at the meet and an open discussion was held on the same. Old esteemed participants like Arihant Jewellers, Dhanishta Gold, JV Bangles, Jewel House, Laxmi Gold, Mars Dia Jewels, Matushree Gold, Meru Diamonds, Mukti Gold, Nice Gold, Palak Jewellers, PGP Joyeria, R. Zaveri Bros, Ritika Chains, Gold Craft (Riya Jewels), S. S. Jewellery, Swarna Shilpi, Mahashilla Jewellery, etc participated in the discussions at the meet and encouraged new exhibitors. Logistics partner BVC Logistics and CCTV partner Zicom representatives were present at the meet to answer all the queries of exhibitors participating in the upcoming show. The meet concluded with some hi-tea and snacks served to the exhibitors present at the show.

Jewel Trendz Pvt Ltd, known to provide varied services to the industry, is heavily promoting the third edition extensively on varied platforms. The company provided with 100 invitations as complimentary to each and every participant to invite their esteemed clients. An extensive digital campaign was also delegated on social networking sites and WhatsApp. Besides this, the company continues with exhibition travel package which includes stay package of 3-Nights and 4-days at 5-Star hotel in Mumbai.

To ensure hassle-free entry for exhibitors and visitors, JTGJS introduced Visitor Registration Card this edition. Exhibitors and visitors are asked to fill in the Visitor Registration Form well in advance before the show to guarantee trouble-free access to everyone at the show, without going through tedious process at the registration desk. 50 visitor registration forms were sent to each and every exhibitor to make sure that their visitors need-not wait at the registration desk for long wee hours on exhibition day. Jewel Trendz Magazine is carrying the registration forms from past three editions. The forms are also available on the official website of the company for the convenience of the visitors.

Shuttle service will be provided for the visitors to reach the venue conveniently. Jewel Trendz offers extended working hours that not only encourages business but also provides visitors the opportunity to interact with exhibitors. The event to be held at Sahara Star Hotel will feature top notch and convenient facilities for the participants as well as visitors. With easy registration process and free entry for the gems and jewellery industry, this show is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all the traders and manufacturers of the industry. It is a great pleasure for Jewel Trendz to organise such a massive event for the gems and jewellery fraternity.


Note: Our social media hashtag for the Feb ’15 exhibition is #JTGJS4. Keep a track of it to know all the updates on our jewellery exhibition.