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Mark Uno LASER Welder

Mark Uno LASER Welder


DM IMPEX offers a range of international machines and products that can be used at different stages of the modern jewellery manufacturing process which will yield results of a higher quality and ensure savings on time, manpower, electricity and costs.

As the sole distributor in India, DM Impex markets LASER Markers and welders from OROTIG, one of the leading Italian manufacturers of machines using LASER technology. There is a range of sizes and capacities from Table Top to Stand Alone, to suit different sizes of businesses and manufacturing set ups. These include compact and portable Laser Markers.

The models can be used for both small workshops and large factories. The latest model of the Marker is the 10 – 20W open LASER marker. The open shape of the Laser makes it easier for operators to access the laser marking area. This machine is ideal for marking text, graphic patterns, drawings, images, and to do LASER markings on curved surfaces like rings and bracelets.

The latest development of LASER Welder is the R-EVO which comes with an on-board camera and an integrated viewing through system. Coupled with a special stereomicroscope, this machine makes it easier to work with highly reflective metals and gives a very clear view of the working area. It comes in two models – the R-EVO 7500 and R-EVO 15000. These Welders have the option of single or double generator systems for extra cooling.

Another innovation is the stand alone Top 11 and Top 12 LASER welders which have a work station whose height can be self-adjusted by the operator, and a non-stop power release mechanism. The LASER pulse shaping programme offers five pre-set wave shapes which allows for greater ease of operations. Moreover the smaller machines are compact and lightweight, ideal for doing small and fine details, are fast and efficient and of low cost and maintenance. The Multi-diode-pumped Fibre LASER from Orotig is the World’s fastest LASER marking machine which also has a high working chamber and video camera with a speed of 1000 characters per second. The larger 130 Joules machine is Ideal is compact and ergonomically designed for silver manufacturers.

Casting and Finishing

The company markets a range of products from leading Spanish manufacturers HISPANA, of which the most state of-the-art are the GPG and PMG machines which are Grinding and Pre-polishing Systems for Silver and Karat Gold Alloys. These dual action systems help the manufacturer save space and electricity.

A complementary machine to the first set of these machines has now been launched to help the operator reach recessed areas, insides, filigree and work on jewellery with stones cast in place. It does not affect the stones, enamelling and non-conductive surfaces, allows for freer designs as it follows the contour of the design and does not round prongs or angles. The Step 2 machines are available for working on both gold and silver and can be used for a range from very light to very heavy pieces.

Machines like these help a manufacturer save on Manpower, Space, Electricity and Time, and even more importantly have built in systems for recovery so that there is Zero Per cent Metal Loss.