Chimera Bridal Jewellery Collection at Luxury by JCK

Design Special Jewel TrendzKama Schachter, one of Asia’s most preferred manufacturers and exporters of diamond jewellery, launched exciting new collection of Bridal Jewellery – Chimera in Las Vegas at the recently concluded Luxury by JCK. This spectacular collection features stunning new designs of engagement rings &each piece features special-cut diamonds that are expertly set to create the look of a large solitaire.

Chimera Bridal Collection is designed with multiple special cut stones that are seamlessly set to diffuse the outlines and create an illusion of a single large diamond. The illusory single-stone-look, makes the ring centre appear twice as large. The diamonds are set one against the other, creating an illusion of unbroken brilliance. This Bridal Jewellery Collection offers a “large look” at unbeatable pricing.

Speaking about the show and the new collection, Colin Shah, MD Kama Schachter said; “This was our first year at Luxury by JCK and we are very happy with the response received at the show. Kama Schachter has successfully launched 3 private label brands in the US and works with the top best retailers in US.  In order to increase our presence& offerings in the US market, we launched a stunning new bridal collection of special cut diamond jewellery called Chimera. We also enhanced product offerings in our existing brands.  The collection was well received by the retailers who visited the show. At Kama we have always worked towards offering innovative designs and trendsetting jewelry to every discerning customer & our offering at the show was only a reiteration of the same.”

Chimera Bridal Collection by Kama Schachter Chimera Bridal Collection by Kama Schachter Chimera Bridal Collection by Kama Schachter Chimera Bridal Collection by Kama Schachter


The mosaic-like setting in every Chimera bridal ring is crafted with outstanding artistry, using multiple diamonds cut to exacting standards to recreate the magic of a massive solitaire. Each piece of this exquisite line uses special cut diamonds set closely making the centre look twice as large! The expertly crafted centres that recreate the magic of a solitaire are available at nearly half the price of the equivalent single stone making the collection appealing to customers who are looking for value in diamond intensive designs.

Available at leading retail stores in the US, the exquisite new collection of Chimera bridal rings are a perfect pick to get the big look without the big price tag.