Bringing together all the suppliers on a single click search engine will benefit the gems and jewellery industry – a B2B portal exclusively for the gems and jewellery industry was launched in September at New Delhi by Ms. Puja Bansal, Founder and Director of the company. With an aim to bring the world’s largest gems and jewellery industry in India on a single online platform, Ms. Bansal shares her ideology behind with Jewel Trendz.

Ms. Puja Bansal, a certified diamond grader, has been associated with Khandelwal Jewellers Ltd for quite some duration. After being actively involved in different aspects like manufacturing, designing, retailing and jewellery events, Ms. Bansal observed a vacuum in the industry. She observed that the networking options in the industry were limited. Bansal’s keen interest in the industry led her to introduce, a unique online platform to connect the gems and jewellery industry globally.

“ concept was introduced six months back and the whole work-up had started 2 years back. It is a consolidation of the entire gems and jewellery industry at PAN India and is to go globally too. It is consolidated to everything to do with the gems and jewellery in the industry by it even if it is to do with machinery or laboratory, gem suppliers, manufacturers, the mining, polishing everything in the gems and jewellery industry the whole value chain has been consolidated for B2B,” shared Ms. Bansal. Since, the launch has already registered 6,000 users from some leading players like Kalyan Jewellers, Lakshmi Diamonds, P.C.Totuka and Sons, Orra Jewels, Amrapali, Joyalukkas, Tanishq, Jewels Emporium, Gemsfield, etc. The portal has tied up with Dun & Bradstreet for the verification of its registered members.

The portal is for business and to increase business in the industry. “It is basically to get consolidated to start sourcing from the industry and start finding buyers and suppliers from the single click window. It’s a window to increase the bar from your city to move across the globe,” adds Ms. Bansal. endeavors to become the world’s best ranked gems and jewellery online business platform. A B2B portal is a need for the industry, tells Ms. Bansal, “We have B2B for diamond but don’t have it for the gems and jewellery industry as whole. Being in this industry for over 17 years, I have seen the challenges that one faces on a day to day basis. This industry is highly-fragmented, unorganized, and is characterized by family-owned operations. I am confident that the benefits offered by bringing together all the suppliers on a single click search engine would benefit them. This conviction led me to start”

With a target to get 1 lakh jewellers on-board, Ms. Bansal finds it very challenging to get the gems and jewellery industry online. She says, “It’s a challenge, it’s going to be a challenge since only 4-5 per cent of the industry is working in an organised manner. But because of the young generation, they are going online. Hence lots of people are maturing now. Ten years down the line, I see many gems and jewellery people available online as they want to expand globally.” However, due to limited budget of jewellers, many people are unable to go online. “Within B2B portal we are giving them an opportunity and hope to expand and be visible globally.” Registration on the portal is free and the users can list themselves under categories like wholesaler or manufacturer of jewellery box, packaging, machinery, loose diamonds, plain gold jewellery etc. Though listing on the site is free, but activation takes 24-48 hours on account of verification.

After the registration, the users can go for either Sterling Silver Membership of `50K or Fine Gold Membership of `1 lakh to get themselves listed in the Star Product Listing. Bansal explains, “We have introduced something as Star Product listing to stand out among other members listed on the site in different product category and promote your company separately. This feature will help companies increase their SEO within the B2B. Since, Google SEO is costly at the moment; we are providing the companies with easier and budget friendly SEO options.” is at nascent stage, hence Puja Bansal and her team is focused on teaching the new users the benefits of and the process of leads through the portal.

With 7 lakh clicks registered and 45,000 hits per day on portal, Ms. Bansal is very confident about the portal. With excessive marketing exercise, she is keen on getting students, designers and youngsters from the industry on board. Moving into expansion mode, founder of plans to venture into B2C by December 2015. “This will be a multi-vendor B2C portal of We would be selling everything to do with the gems and jewellery there will be gems, jewellery, silver, the complete thing. Artificial too will be part of this portal.” Challenges are high, but with confidence and strong will of making the gems and jewellery industry into an organized sector, Ms. Bansal’s is making its own way in the industry.

-Rika Aash Pathak