‘Aadhunik’ Collection by PNG Jewellers

PNG Jewellers, a brand that thrives on values, creativity and innovation, launched their sleek, modish ‘Aadhunik’ collection. PNG Jewellers, a brand with over 184 years of experience and excellence has always put their consumer’s needs before their own. As a rapidly evolving jewellery brand, their ‘Aadhunik Collection’ symbolizes the new values and the changing dynamics. Inspired by classic traditional jewellery such as kolhapuri Saaj, Surya Haar, Vajratik – thushi, Tanmani, Putli Haar, this range blends all the elements of the traditional designs with a contemporary treatment. Each of these pieces has been handcrafted for the bold, dynamic new women of the era.

The ‘Aadhunik’ collection as the name suggests, is sharp, one of a kind, and modern. PNG Jewellers believes in catering to customers from all age groups and of every interest. In the current market, where jewellery is an expression of art and own self, this collection epitomizes novelty, strength and originality. This range manifests the substance and soul of today’s woman and the vigor of femininity. This range predominantly comprises of a wide variety of Necklaces, Rings and Earrings.