A Timeless Royalty

Tanya Rastogi for Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers introduces yet another vintage collection in 18K-22K white gold jewels inspired from the 18th century for theurban life. The eccentric dash of colours with rare gemstones like sapphires and emeralds studded with fine cut diamonds ornate the sheer class in every piece of jewel embedded in white gold.

The collection brings with it a unique amalgamation of designs that include a disco ball inspired edgy jewel to dainty floral designswhich mighteven be an accessory for Caesars Palace and is inspired from the nostalgia of the 18th century’s flamboyant women.

Jewellery connoisseur Tanya Rastogi brings clairvoyance to this cocktail range of beauties. Earrings and neck pieces from this collection will leave an everlasting impression on any special occasion as it radiates numinous shapes of feminine. Fore grounded with some unique designs inspired from her cognizance in contemporary classics is making them rare and desirable for the lady in you. So lose some layers this summer with accessorizing your neck & earlobes with Tanya Rastogi’s vintage jewels.