4th Edition of Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show begins

Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show (JTGJS), a refined platform for steering business on a national international scale, opened on joyous note as Honourable Minister of State for Home, Maharashtra, Ram Shinde and esteemed dignitaries of the gems and jewellery industry inaugurated the 4th edition of JTGJS.

Honourable Minister of State for Home Affairs, Maharashtra, Ram Shinde accepting a bouquet from Govind Verma, CMD of Jewel Trendz, Sanjay Shah, Jignesh Hirani The 4th JTGJS to be held on February 20-21-22, 2015 at Sahara Star Hotel, Near Domestic Airport, Mumbai begins as Honourable Minister of State for Home, Maharashtra, Ram Shinde lighted the lamp in presence of Govind Verma, CMD of Jewel Trendz, Sanjay Shah, Director of Ninediam, Jignesh Hirani from Mumbai, Nishad, Executive Director of Malabar gold & Diamonds, Ayodhya Sethji, Director of Shanti S Seth, Ankit Jain, Director of Matushree Gold, Abhilashji of PGP Joyeria among other esteemed participants and supporters of Jewel Trendz.

Ribbon Cutting at the inauguration of the 4th edition of Jewel Trendz Gems & Jewellery Show at Sahara Star Hotel, MumbaiThe lamp lighting was followed by ribbon cutting and thereby Shamal Pote, Director of Jewel Trendz announced the coveted 4th edition of the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show open for exhibitors and visitors for the next three days. All the exhibitors present during the opening ceremony rejoiced the presence of Home Minister, Ram Shinde at the venue as he expressed his gratitude for the entire gems and jewellery fraternity.

While inaugurating, Honourable Minister said, “With a support from more 10,000 well-wishers from the industry and 150 participants, Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show is set to be the best B2B show. As I can see a new element,’Taj Mahal’ theme at JTGJS, I am sure 4th edition will be well appreciated by everyone.” Unlike the previous edition, the 4th edition is a thematic edition! A theme that is reckoned as a monument of love, ‘Taj Mahal’, is the grand theme of the upcoming show. Everyone will witness the ‘Jewels’ of the industry in a perfect set-up of ‘Taj’.

Welcoming the Honourable Minister for the first time at JTGJS platform, Sanjaybhai (Sanjay Shah) presented the especially designed Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show memento to Ram Shinde. He said, “It’s very humble of Shindeji to make some time for JTGJS from his hectic schedule. I take this opportunity to thank him for understanding the ongoing issues of gems and jewellery industry.” Exhibitors from Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc are participating in 4th edition of the show. The venue of the exhibition, Sahara Star hotel also adds to the enormity of the show. With the high tech facilities and 50,000 square feet area, the venue promises to be one of the most luxurious destinations for gems and jewellery show.

Honourable Minister, Sanjaybhai and other dignitaries were escorted by Govind Verma to exhibitors’ stalls. As Honourable Minister took a brief look at the entire set-up, he expressed his concern for the traders and jewellers, who had to suffer earlier due to stringent policy reforms. He said, “I know earlier the traders were hard-hit, but now the situation and ruling government as changed! It’s our duty to see that the industry gets the needful help from the ruling government.”

Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show is more than just a business platform as the entire market is at your fingertips. With more than 90 exhibitors participating from different regions of India, the 4th edition is going to create lucrative opportunities for everyone present at the show. Exhibitors comprising of manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters will showcase some of the finest collection in couture jewellery, gold, silver, platinum jewellery besides diamonds and gemstones.

Supported by BVC Logistics, The Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants Association and Gems and Jewellery Trade Council of India, JTGJS is a great platform to reach international markets. To ensure hassle-free entry for exhibitors and visitors, JTGJS introduced Visitor Registration Card this edition. Shuttle services are provided for the visitors to reach the venue conveniently. The show also offers extended working hours that not only encourages business but also provides visitors the opportunity to interact with exhibitors. With easy registration process and free entry for the gems and jewellery industry, this show is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for all the traders and manufacturers of the industry.