2nd edition of IBJA Cricket League gets fierce as new teams rule the league

The action seemed to double in the 2nd edition of IBJA Cricket League 2014 as new teams reined over existing teams. The league held at Mumbai Police Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai was full of thunderbolt games as it was full of ups and down and kept the audience at edge of the seats till last minute.

India Bullion and Jewellers Association (IBJA) held the 2nd edition of the IBJA Cricket League 2014 at Mumbai Police Gymkhana, Marine Lines, Mumbai to get the wholesalers, retailers and bullion traders out of their hectic routines to enjoy the game of cricket, loved by one and all.

After the triumphant of the first edition of IBJA Cricket League 2013, IBJA had pledged to make their 2nd edition far more exciting than the previous one. The statistics proved the league to be another successful cricket tournament organized by the IBJA. The crowd emerged from everywhere as the match begun on the field that was lighted up from all sides with hoarding and boards pulled up on all the sides of the ground, making it one of the extravagant tournaments held in the city of Mumbai.

IBJA that has been working for betterment of the gems and jewellery industry had hosted this league to encourage the value of sportsmanship and bring the wholesalers, retailers and bullion traders away from their hectic routines. The league begun on March 4 in presence of the President of IBJA, Mr Mohit Kamboj, Secretary of IBJA, Surendra Mehta and other key members of the association.

During the inauguration, members of all the teams – Bullion Rockers – Vimaslsons, Bullion Rulers – KBJ, Silver Stallion – Silver Emporium, IBJA Eagles – Govind Verma, RBSL Kings XI – RBSL and Raksha Royals – Raksha Bullion were also present. Mr Kamboj asked all the team to start the league with positive sportsmanship attitude. He said, “This is a friendly match and we hope to make the second edition all the more fun and exciting for the participants as well as viewers.”

The excitement among the teams and viewers was proved when the entire ground used to dance and scream in every fours and sixes. The cool sea breeze made the environment pleasant to play the 20-20 friendly matches. The DJ tunes added to the excitement of the game.  The trophies were crafted beautifully keeping up with the spirit of the teams and players.

The LED screen on the ground added extravagance to the league. Big hoardings and flags of the participating teams were placed all-over the ground to create an atmosphere equivalent to that of an IPL League.

Rockers beat Rulers by 134 runs

The league kick started with the first match between Bullion Rockers – Vimalsons and Bullion Rulers – KBJ. The rulers took the lead by winning the toss and elected fielding. The match opened to Bullion Rockers hitting fours and sixes to every other ball by the Bullion Rulers.

Bullion Rockers won the match by 134 runs, Hitesh Mehta of Bullion Rockers – Vimalsons was given Man of the Match. He scored 25 runs and got 4 wickets for the team during the match.

Raksha Royals – Raksha Bullions takes over IBJA Eagles – MohitKamboj by 85 runs

The second match of the IBJA League 2014 was fought between IBJA Eagles – Govind Verma v/s Raksha Royals – Raksha Bullions. Just like the first match, the second match had highest figures and was clearly a one-sided match. Royals defeated the Eagles in this match by 85 runs.

IBJA Eagles had won the toss during the match and they had elected for fielding. Raksha Royals outstanding batsmen Bharat Shedekar was honoured with the Man of the Match title during the game for his outstanding performance.

Bullion Rulers – KBJ wins by 8 wickets

Bullion Rulers – KBJ emerged as dark horse in the third match of the IBJA Cricket League 2014 after their first loss against Bullion Rockers in the inaugural match of the league. In their second match, Bullion Rulers reined over first league champions Silver Stallion – Silver Emporium by 8 wickets.

Shri Mohit Kamboj of Bullion Rulers – KBJ gave precious 18 runs in just 19 balls during the match. Bullion Rulers – KBJ player, Nishsikant Gunjal was announced Man of the Match for scoring 15 runs and taking 3 wickets in the match. With this match, Ruler became one of the semi-finalists of the season.

Rockers prove it once again

The fourth match of the season was the most exciting match between Bullion Rockers – Vimalsons v/s Silver Stallion – Silver Emporium. The match was of complete ups and downs and match took a completely different twist in the last few over when Bullion Rocker – Vimalsons beat Silver Stallion by 6 runs.

Akshay Khajanji of Bullion Rockers – Vimalsons was awarded the man of the match for his outstanding performance in the game. He scored 80 runs and bought the team 2 precious wickets of Stallions in the second innings. With this match, Bullion Rockers became one of the semi-finalists of the league.

RSBL Kings XI registers victory over Raksha Royals

One of the most anticipated matches of the season, Raksha Royals – Raksha Bullions faced RSBL Kings XI – RSBL on the third day of the IBJA League was a not-to-be missed match. In a cut throat competition between two teams, RSBL Kings XI defeated Raksha Royals by just 3 runs.  RBSL Kings XI player Shivam Dubey was given Man of the Match, he scored 50 runs, not out during the entire match.

RSBL Kings XI enters the semi-finals of the league

RBSL Kings XI registered victory over IBJA Eagles, they won the match by 9 wickets. The toss was won by RSBL Kings XI and they elected to field. IBJA Eagles gave the target of 142 runs to RSBL Kings XI.

Kings XI scored 145 runs smoothly with loss of just one wicket. Jai Mehta of RSBL Kings XI – RSBL scored 54 runs in 33 balls during the match and he was declared Man of the Match for his outstanding performance. With this match, RSBL Kings XI became the second semi-finalist of the Team B in IBJA League 2014.

Raksha Bullions enters final

The first semi-final of the IBJA Cricket League 2014 was fought between Raksha Royals – Raksha Bullion v/s Bullion Rockers – Vimalson. Both the team had performed extraordinarily well throughout the tournament.

Raksha Royals became the first finalist of the cricket league after defeating Bullion Rockers by 7 wickets. The toss was won by Royals and they opted to field. Raksha Royals Shranik Seth was awarded Man of the Match; he had made 32 runs in just 17 balls.

RSBL Kings XI qualifies in the finals, the most exciting match of the season

IBJA Cricket League 2014, second semi-finals between RSBL Kings XI – RSBL and Bullion Rulers – KBJ was the most thrilling match of the season. The match was a tie after both the teams played their innings and there was a Super-over played by each team to decide the winner.

In the Super-over, RSBL Kings XI defeated Bullion Rulers and qualified as finalist of the league. Earlier, the toss was won by RSBL Kings XI and they elected fielding. IBJA President and Bullion Rulers Captain Mr. Mohit Kamboj said, “My heartily congratulation to Kings XI for their victory, this was one of the most power pact and thrilling match of both the editions of IBJA Cricket League.”

Vinayak Bhoir of Bullion Rulers and Shivam Dubey of RSBL Kings XI were awarded Man of the Match for the semi-finals. Vinayak Bhoir registered 3 wickets and accomplished commendable 155 runs in 55 balls.

RSBL Kings XI takes the trophy of IBJA Cricket League 2014

The best team of the season – RSBL Kings XI – RSBL had been the best performer of the IBJA Cricket League 2014. In the finals of the league, RSBL Kings XI proved themselves once again against Raksha Royals – Raksha Bullions.

In this one-sided match, Raksha Royals who won the toss, challenged RSBL Kings XI to take batting first; they scored 226 runs at the loss of only 3 wickets. In the second innings, Raksha Royals were all out at 140 runs.

After delivering consistent performance throughout the league, RSBL Kings XI was the most deserving team to win the trophy at IBJA Cricket League 2014. The final match of the league was complete entertainer for the visitors. Sagar Trivedi of RSBL Kings XI was awarded the Man of the Match. The winner of the finale was awarded with Maruti Swift car.

Mehul Kothari of RSBL Kings XI was given Man of the Series at the finale of the IBJA Cricket League 2014. Hitesh Mehta of Vimalsons was given Best Bowler award; Mehul Kothari of RSBL Kings XI got Best Batsmen. Mr. Mohit Kamboj was honoured with trophy for Best Fielding in the league and Bullion Rockers – Vimalson was given the trophy for the Best Team of the league.  The special winner trophy looked elegant as they were handed to the winners of the match and edition.

The IBJA Cricket League 2014 was organized by Jewel Trendz Private Ltd. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the India Bullion and Jewellers Association for giving us this opportunity to organize such a grand event. A special thanks to Shri Mohit Kamboj for entrusting us to organize this event. Also we would like to thank all other members and directors of IBJA for their support and co-operation throughout the league.

The Bombay Bullion Samachar (BBS) promoted the match heavily in the newspaper. SMS campaigns were also carried to promote the league. Besides, heavy duty promotional campaigns, details of each and every match were carried daily in BBS to keep the market updated with the ongoing matches. The matches of the league were telecasted live on Hathway Cable and InCablenet.

The Zaveri Bazaar had the banners of the teams all-over to create awareness about the ongoing IBJA Cricket League 2014. Colourfull team dresses, professional umpires, score keepers, snack arrangements, energy drinks, etc were all provided by the Jewel Trendz team. Lunch and dinners were sponsored by renowned companies like Vimalson, Silver Emporium, Raksha Bullion and RSBL during the league.