Jewel Trendz launches IIJC (India International Jewellery Club) at celebration function of JTGJS at Aamby Valley City

IIJC Jewel TrendzThough the 3rd edition of Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show (JTGJS) is over, but the celebrations are still on! Jewel Trendz recently organized a get-to-together for 150 plus participants and other big wigs of the industry on August 20 at the picturesque Aamby Valley City near Lonavala, Pune, Maharashtra.

Nestled around the great Sahayadri Ranges, away from city pollution, Aamby Valley City was an ideal destination to rejoice and socialize. Keeping up with the spirits of participants and well-wishers of Jewel Trendz, Mr. Govind Verma, CMD of the company launched their ambitious project India International Jewellery Club (IIJC) at the get-to-together. The club exclusively aims to encourage better communication between businesses to reap maximum profits, benefiting both.

On the Rocks

Design Special Jewel TrendzA combination of shine, sparkle and superior style that defines luxury and affordability is what elucidates our new collection “On The Rocks”. Ghanasingh Be True, known to accessorize every beautiful woman’s attire now launches jewels for a man who loves to bejewel his look with premium taste and sheer class. This fresh collection stands true to our 110 years of royal heritage as we endeavor to bring alluring beauty, timeless designs and unmatched craftsmanship that can be sported by the men and women of today.

Desert collection launched by H Ajoomal

Jewel Trendz Design SpecialBespoke jewellery designer Harshad Ajoomal today announced the launch of the limited edition ‘Desert’ collection. Inspired by travel and exotic adventures, the collection includes cocktail earrings, bangles and bracelets. Wind- swept sand dunes, nomads and tribal living in the deserts lend their earthy sunny hues such as cinnamon and honey, burnt amber and washed out khaki to this collection.

Focused on wearability and feminity, the uber luxurious jewellery pieces promises to leave you with a sense of warmth and adventure of the desert. Harshad Ajoomal, Creative Director for this cutting edge fine jewellery company said, “We have used organic & unusual gemstones such as fiery amber , fossilized carved wood & multi colored unakite from Namibia and Africa which have been combined with rich diamonds in black & white shades .

Satyam Shivam Sundaram Collection

Design Special by P N Gadgil & SonsBe Truthful. Be Beautiful. Acquaint yourself to the divinity of Lord Shiva with P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd’s Satyam Shivam Sundaram Collection. Rich in Indian culture and values this collection carries with it the blissfulness of divine beauty. Dominant in south sea pearls held together by red and green beads, the collection is synonymous to beauty.

Carrying forward the 182 year old legacy, P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd’s jewellery is a reflection of our heritage and mythology. The collection has pieces studded with rubies and white sapphire inspired by meenakshi (eye of the fish). Boasting a variety of the pearls the collection also has Japanese and black pearls mirroring the beauty of Lord Shiva’s philosophy, ‘Truth is Beauty’.

Chimera Bridal Jewellery Collection at Luxury by JCK

Design Special Jewel TrendzKama Schachter, one of Asia’s most preferred manufacturers and exporters of diamond jewellery, launched exciting new collection of Bridal Jewellery – Chimera in Las Vegas at the recently concluded Luxury by JCK. This spectacular collection features stunning new designs of engagement rings &each piece features special-cut diamonds that are expertly set to create the look of a large solitaire.

Chimera Bridal Collection is designed with multiple special cut stones that are seamlessly set to diffuse the outlines and create an illusion of a single large diamond. The illusory single-stone-look, makes the ring centre appear twice as large. The diamonds are set one against the other, creating an illusion of unbroken brilliance. This Bridal Jewellery Collection offers a “large look” at unbeatable pricing.