Diamond Miners Buoyed by U.S. Economic Recovery

Diamond Watch Jewel TrendzBuoyancy in World’s Largest Diamond Market Good News for Junior Miners

All that glitters is not gold. Rough diamond prices have risen by 5% to 10% this year, according to analysts. Investors now also have more options to bet on the stones. Diamonds are a rare commodity in more ways than one: with a dearth of new discoveries since the 1990s, supply of rough stones remains below the pre-crisis peak of 2005 and is set to start falling from 2018, forecasts Bain & Company.

Celebrating 110 years of legacy and affluent collections in the Bond Way!

Design Special Jewel TrendzJewellery brand, Ghanasingh Be True renowned for modern and innovative design combined with top quality in form and execution celebrate their 110th Anniversary in a grandiose James Bond style. The theme is a fitting tribute to their internationally matched style and refinement that are synonymous with the brand. Ghanasingh Be True jewellery creatively interprets its elegance, unmatched craftsmanship, global approach and is a perfect symbol of eternity.

India International Jewellery Club – A Step to enhance business connect

Govind Verma Jewel TrendzEstablished in 2010, Jewel Trendz Pvt Ltd offers a wide array of services to gems and jewellery industry. Founder, Mr. GovindVerma, a visionary and dynamic propeller of the industry, witnessed a communication gap between wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. To fill in this gap, Mr. Verma initiated India International Jewellery Club (IIJC). In a tete-a-tete with Mr. Verma, he shares his vision behind IIJC.

E-retailing entering into new phase

Industry Watch Jewel TrendzThe emerging trend of opening online shopping sites has changed the views of millions of people. In last 5 years, online retail has become a must for every business. Recognizing the danger, many physical retailers have started to beef up their online presence.

Jewellery has been steadily growing in the ecommerce space as investor and consumer interests grow. In last couple of years, consumers are shifting to e-commerce platforms for purchasing products ranging from mobile to insurance. Jewellery is also joining the list of products available in e-commerce platforms as physical retailers, business honchos are joining hands with these platforms.

Brindavan Magic – Divine Gopal

Design Special Jewel TrendzThe revered Natkhatbal Gopal rouses divine energy anddevotion to him is a celebration of life. Inspired by kanha’s numerous avatars and the opulence and passion of crafting jewellery are the raison d’etrefor the new signature collection by ace jewellery designer and industry expert Pradeep Jethani.

Brindavan Magic’s heavenly beautiful pieces infusedevotion with a mesmerising vision that embodies the lively spirit of Lord Krshna. The skilled craftsmanship blended with intricate work on the extraordinary gemstone Tanzaniteadds eternity to the beautifully crafted jewels.