Chimera Bridal Jewellery Collection at Luxury by JCK

Design Special Jewel TrendzKama Schachter, one of Asia’s most preferred manufacturers and exporters of diamond jewellery, launched exciting new collection of Bridal Jewellery – Chimera in Las Vegas at the recently concluded Luxury by JCK. This spectacular collection features stunning new designs of engagement rings &each piece features special-cut diamonds that are expertly set to create the look of a large solitaire.

Chimera Bridal Collection is designed with multiple special cut stones that are seamlessly set to diffuse the outlines and create an illusion of a single large diamond. The illusory single-stone-look, makes the ring centre appear twice as large. The diamonds are set one against the other, creating an illusion of unbroken brilliance. This Bridal Jewellery Collection offers a “large look” at unbeatable pricing.

Shift the gems and jewellery industry from an unorganized to a more organized set up for better transparency

Spotlight: Jayantilal Challani

Jayantilal Challani, Founder, Challani Jewellery Mart

The gems and jewellery sector has been playing a very important role in the Indian economy and in last couple of years the sector has evolved a lot. Jayantilal Challani, founder of 50-years-old Challani Jewellery Mart and President of The Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants Association tells Rika Aash Pathak about the future of the gems and jewellery industry.

Q: Being into business of jewellery for so many years, can you tell us about the changes you witnessed in the industry till date?

Celebrate Father’s day with gifts by Varuna D Jani

design special Jewel Trendz‘Varuna D Jani’, is known for her innovative new styles. Her beguiling designs and concepts have been known to make a statement. Her new collection for men is breathtaking. With studded diamonds and white gold plating, these tie pins look majestic. As gifts, her meticulous and uncluttered designs are sure to cause your old man’s face to break into a smile. Not only are her designs intricately crafted with utmost skill but they are also designed to suit each personality. It’s an exclusive collection with limited pieces in tie pins studded with brilliantly cut diamonds. The tie pins are timeless and versatile, something that your dad can proudly wear for many more years to come. Be the reason for the joy your father feels this father’s day.

Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show posts stronger buyout

Press Release JTGJS 3The 3rd edition of the Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show (JTGJS) brings smile to jewellers and manufacturer faces with a brilliant turnout at the show. Acknowledged by renowned retailers and jewellers across the globe, JTGJS 2014 was a grand success!

Jewel Trendz Gems and Jewellery Show continues to climb the ladder to success with the 3rd edition of the show held at the most coveted venue, Sahara Star Hotel, Near Domestic Airport, Mumbai on July 18-19-20.  The show opened to a remarkable response by the visitors to make it a huge success!

Design Special: Spring Summer Collection by Zyra

Design Special ZyraSpring brings along itself a sign of beauty, a symbol of grace. Its exquisite splendor lies in our ability to enjoy the flowers that bloom and the colours that surround, bearing testimony to the truth that world is designed for our enjoyment. As the great sages would say, come spring and the Gods put life into the sweetest things on Earth, the flowers. The delicacy in every petal is a proud assertion of the rays of beauty that out-values the utilities of the world. The feelings of the flora imagine it alone, the flowers muse in modesty and wait the mantling of our hearts to a feeling that breathes forth the sweetest odours.